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The future

of Ecovillages is here

TerraVitae - located in the Yucatan, Mexico

Providing a new, clean and secure way of living in the 21st century.

TerraVitae is an ecovillage made up of 180 lots (spread over 3 stages of development) based in the Yucatan State in Mexico, which provides a community of like-minded people looking to live off the earth, and have a happier and healthier lifestyle. Our focus is health, happiness, and a peaceful way of living away from the toxic modern way of life.

Located in one of the safest places on earth, Yucatan, Mexico.

The Yucatan state in Mexico is rated one of the safest places in the world, which has a large presence of native English speaking foreigners living here. Street crime against the general population is extremely low, along with very low/non existent rates of organized crime. Its due to the unique political climate in the Yucatan which makes it so safe.

Extensive ground testing and analysis to ensure the health of you and your family.

Unlike other ‘’ecovillages’’ claiming to provide you an opportunity to live in a safe environment where you can live a self sufficient life, TerraVitae has conducted extensive studies on the ground to ensure that the water supply used to help grow food, bathe and so on is of the highest standard. Large parts of the world have the ground water contaminated by pig and other animal farms, however in TerraVitae, you can be rest assured that the water you drink will not be contaminated.


Land currently available for sale in TerraVitae

A total of 180 lots available across 3 stages

There are 3 stages of TerraVitae, of which only Stage 1 is available for sale at this point. Stage 1 consists of 60 lots, which are 1200sqm, and sell for $55,000.00 USD.

Limited time opportunity

As an introductory promotion, we are offering the first 6 people to buy land in stage 1 a 1200sqm lot for $55,000.00, with a 100% refund on the purchase in 12 months. That’s right, you get to keep the land, and receive 100% of your money back, no strings attached!


The next 6 people who purchase land in Stage 1 receive their land at a 50% discount. So that’s only $27,500.00 for land in Stage 1 of TerraVitae!



For more details contact us on the form below, or call/message us on Whatsapp on +52 999 105 4063.

Extra Services

A complete turn key solution, not just a block of land.

Permanent residency application and approval

All members of TerraVitae, from the smallest to the largest land owners are provided with the service of free permanent residency in Mexico. What good is buying into the ecovillage of your dreams if you aren’t allowed to live in the country its located in? Our full time immigration lawyers can have your permanent residency application approved within 30 days from making the application.

Solar panel and battery sales and installation

If you wish to live a sustainable life off the grid, we can also help provide you with solar panels and batteries etc to help power your home. The systems nowadays are sufficient to run a full family home without interruption, and won’t break the bank either.

Home construction on your land in TerraVitae

Once you are part of the TerraVitae family, we can connect you with trusted builders in Mexico who can help build your home from start to finish. Building a 2 bedroom fully equipped home can start at USD$30,000, and range up to USD$150,000 for a full sized mansion. Significantly cheaper than building in a western country.

Various ancillary services with the help of TerraVitae

We here at TerraVitae are able to connect you to any other type of service provider here in Mexico to help make your transition as smooth as possible. Whether you need to buy a car, have your internet connected or anything else at all, we can assist you with this.

Insects and living in the forest

The Yucatan forests are home to some very diverse wildlife. With this being said, the vast majority of people don’t wish to have this wildlife crawling into bed with them while trying to sleep. Fumigating can be quite toxic to people and family pets, so we here at TerraVitae have non toxic pest control options available so you can live pest free in your new home.


Functional waste management solutions

Waste management can be difficult when living in an ecovillage. This issue is further exacerbated by the fact that the water everyone is drinking and using is coming from the ground below where you will be living. With the Yucatan state situated on one of the worlds largest collection of underground cenotes, its of paramount importance that the waste from residents in the community is managed correctly. The standard septic tank solution used by many ecovillages simply doesn’t work when being located on top of underground cenotes. For this reason, TerraVitae has a complex waste management system which allow for waste to be piped off site and to a facility where it can be treated and disposed of in a way which is good for the environment.

Growing food on a consistent basis

How much work is it to grow your own food? A lot, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. One of the main benefits of living in an ecovillage is growing food that is free of pesticides. The downside however is that for the average family who have working parents or are business owners, they simply don’t have the time or know how to grow enough food to feed a family on an ongoing basis. This is a very common barrier to entry that professional couples and their families come across which prevents them from moving to an ecovillage.


TerraVitae understands this and provides an on-site team who can help plan, manage and maintain your own customized food garden for a very low ongoing cost. How much our team help you with your garden depends on you. If you wish to do it all yourself, then you can. If you wish for us to take care of everything so you can carry on living your life while being able to eat healthy chemical free food, then you are able to do this also.

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Building your home in a remote location

Organizing a reliable builder in a western country is hard enough, so you can imagine how difficult it can be when trying to do so in a country that speaks a different language. How do you know who is a reputable builder who has a great track record? How do you know if the price you are paying is fair in the current marketplace, or if you are simply being ‘’gringo priced’’? The team at TerraVitae consists of foreigners who have lived in Merida for many years and have dealt with these issues first hand, and native Yucatecans who are in the know when it comes to the local economy. This means that you can simply choose a house design (or provide your own), receive a quote for it to be built, and have it constructed on time and without headaches.

Organizing and managing your renewable energy

The average person has no idea about the intricacies when it comes to buying and installing solar panels on their home. Being in a remote location and living off grid, its extremely important that the solution you organize for your home is sufficient to you and your families needs. The team at TerraVitae can provide you with a wide range of experts who sell, install and maintain solar power systems for remote locations, so your will never be left in the dark.

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Our ecovillage is the product of the perfect global political storm.

With a lot of changes in the western world since the COVID pandemic, the health, privacy and freedom of those who live in western countries is under attack. With projected food shortages, energy crisis and so on, many people are looking to move off the grid to be able to live a full and peaceful life, away from all the issues. TerraVitae was created to cater to those who wish to take back control of the food they eat, the space they live in, and the safety of their food and water supply. With land packages starting at USD$55,000, and house construction costs starting at $30,000, its one of the few places in the world that you can walk into for less than $100,000 and begin your new sustainable life.

A small sample of some of the food crops that can grow in the Yucatan

Living in an ecovillage is a great idea, however without knowing what kind of food actually grows in this part of the world, it's a little bit difficult to plan a life living in one. Some examples of what grows regularly in the Yucatan are below. 

Abou Us

Who are TerraVitae?

TerraVitae is the product of a changing political and economical climate which has become quite concerning over the last few years. Ecovillages were once an idea that were only reserved for the extreme lovers of the earth, and those who would be labelled ‘’hippys’’ and such. However with the changes that have been going on in the world in the last few years, from the suspicious COVID pandemic to the ever increasing inflation and energy crisis (pushing the cost of living for the average person into unaffordable territory), more and more ‘’normal’’ people are starting to look for an alternative to the ‘’standard’’ way of living. We also live in a time where the level of toxins and pesticides in the food we eat is ever increasing, and living in a normal society, we are left with little to no options for cleaner alternatives. Many westerners are accustomed to certain processes and securities when it comes to buying land and building a home. Things such as land titles, reputable builders and so on are factors that most financially stable people need to see when purchasing a new home. Most ecovillages available around the world offer clean living, and an ability to be ‘’off grid’’, however they generally lack the financial security that most people need when buying or building a new home.

Contact Us

Contact TerraVitae

For an information booklet on our ecovillage development, or if you have any general questions, feel free to contact us using some of the following means below:

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